ABOUT - Erica Jacques

Erica Jacques

Erica Jacques is an award winning photographer and filmmaker based on the southern coast of California in the small town of Santa Paula. She discovered her love of visual storytelling while taking pictures and videos during her many backpacking and extreme sports adventures. Her love, knowledge, and involvement with outdoor sports and the great outdoors in general, gives her an advantage in getting unique perspectives in her work. The beauty and style of the ever changing natural backgrounds gives her the opportunity to create dramatic and remarkable photographs and film footage.

Her work has been published in local and national publications including the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation and the National Senior Games Association. In the 70th Annual College Photographer of the Year Competition in 2015, she won an Award of Excellence in the Sports Action category. She has also won Best Environmental Film at the San Francisco Frozen Film Festival and Best Student Documentary at Chargrin Documentary Film Festival for her short film “Code Yellow”. She is currently at Columbia College Hollywood getting her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinema with an emphasis in Editing & Visual Effects.

When she is not on the job or at school, Erica is living a healthy and active lifestyle. In her free time, she’s out in nature hiking, in the mountains riding her dirt bike, or at the gym lifting weights. She is constantly looking for stories to share, because there is always a new story waiting to be told through film or a photograph.

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